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Mr. Mikel & team

17 Nov 2016

Manembo-nembo Nature Reserve in North Sulawesi

A nature reserve just 30 km from Manado city! This 6.500 ha large wildlife reserve was founded in the year 1978 to protect the animals (many of them are endemic) and for its watershed value.

"Manembo-nembo" is a word from the local Tontemboan language and means "view from above".
One of Sulawesis last primary rain forests around Mount Tanuwantik (665 m). A lot of clear water rivers and steep terrain.

Home for many endemic animals like the crested black macaque, tarsier, kuskus, Sulawesi woodpecker, Knobbed hornbill, lilac-cheeked kingfisher, ruddy kingfisher, Sulawesi hanging-parrot, ...

Our  team explored this small paradise in November 2016 and offers now overnight trekking trips into the deep forest, sleeping in tents and camp fire in the night!

If you like to explore this hidden and unknown jungle area, just contact us anytime.